So How Are the Books Chosen?

So how are the books chosen? 


When I started this project there was no real rhyme or reason to the decision making over what books to read. My best friend and I had recently visited a book store, and after strolling around for a half hour, I left that store with three pictures on my iphone of books that I wanted to remember to pick up from the library. 

One of the books (Penumbra) caught my eye because of an interesting cover. It’s really that simple. I judged the book by it’s cover (amateur move), but when I read the back of the book I realized that there was something interesting and exciting about it. So I snapped the picture. Once I did that, it was like I couldn’t escape that book. It was everywhere and at every book store I frequented, there it was sitting on the “employee recommendation” table. And so it officially became a part of the list. 

“Blood, Bones, and Butter” came as a recommendation from said best friend during that first book store trip. I had previously read a few Anthony Bourdain books and loved hearing about life in the hectic restaurant/food world (especially cause I had never worked in a kitchen but am very fond of restaurants). Also, the lovely guest review on the back cover of the book BY Mr. Bourdain sold me. If he loved it, and I loved his work, then it seemed like a match made in foodie-lit heaven. 

“The Night Circus” simply caught my attention because of the name. Whenever Cirque Du Soleil comes to town, you better believe I am buying tickets. I have always enjoyed the strange, magical qualities of that “circus” and from reading the introduction to “The Night Circus,” I felt the same vibe I get from the Cirque shows. I was sold. 

Every month the books I choose have a reason (may it be a cover that inspired me to pick it up, or an NPR interview), but I am going into them as cold as you. I hope that together we can find many positive qualities in each of the books and truly enjoy the experience of reading them together. 

– Nina


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