December’s Reads

December’s Reads: Why These Books?

After highly enjoying all three of the November reads, I felt a lot of pressure to deliver three books that would give me as much enjoyment for the month of December. Now, I know it’s impossible to do that (also because something I love, you may not love. The magic of books is that we all can have an opinion about the books and each opinion is valid!) So for December, I tried to add a little variety to the NSBCBC book list. I think (I hope) that these will do the trick.

1. “Rob Delaney: Mother. WIfe. Sister. Human. Warrior. Falcon. Yardstick. Turban. Cabbage.” – by Rob Delaney. Let’s call this a comedy memoir. A few years back I fell madly in love with comedic memoirs. I devoured both Russell Brand’s “Booky Wook” 1 and 2, Sarah Silverman’s “The Bed Wetter,” Tina Fey’s “Bossypants,” and Mindy Kaling’s “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” I was an addict. Each of these writers had a way of letting the reader in on their lives, even the most dramatic parts, while still allowing the reader to smile and laugh throughout. When I saw that Rob Delaney (easily the funniest man on Twitter. He’s even won Comedy Central award with that title.) had written a book, I knew I had to read it. I had seen him do standup at Caroline’s in NYC, and had laughed at his ridiculously absurd tweets for over a year, so I thought this one would be a winner. He’s a man who has lived a life of addiction, struggle, and intense joy and he saturates his stories with humor and sarcasm. It’s also not a bad idea to check out his twitter to see if you would enjoy his comedy prior to picking up the book. Find him at @robdelaney on Twitter. It’s ridiculous and absolutely hilarious.

2. “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth” – Col. Chris Hadfield. A few months back, I had heard via about an astronaut who was making youtube videos about his experience on the international space station. There was a video of this man performing “Space Oddity” (found here and even more videos of him performing mundane tasks but showing how different it would be performing those tasks in space. Then one day I turned on NPR and there he was being interviewed by Terry Gross! As I listened to his descriptions of viewing Earth from space, and seeing the Northern Lights as he orbited around our planet, I was almost brought to tears. He was able to paint such a vivid picture of something that I will never personally be able to experience in my life, but through his words I felt as though I was there. I thought if he could achieve that speaking freely in an interview, I bet he’s a helluva writer. And so his book made the list. Listen to his interview with Terry here:

3. “And the Mountains Echoed” – Khaled Hosseini This was an easy pick because I am such a tremendous fan of “The Kite Runner” and “A Thousand Splendid Suns.” Hosseini’s books are so eyeopening and beautifully written. However, if this is anything like the other two, grab a box of tissues. His ability to make the reader feel compassion and empathy for these characters is incredible. I have carried his previous works in my heart for many years, and am more than prepared to make room for his latest.

Feel free to post your thoughts/pictures/videos/blog posts about any of the books we have read or are currently reading on the NSBCBC Facebook wall, Tweet us at @Notsobookclub, and Instagram your experience using the #nsbcbc hashtag!

If you have any books you’d like to recommend for January, feel free to reach out!

Happy reading everyone!

– Nina


So How Are the Books Chosen?

So how are the books chosen? 


When I started this project there was no real rhyme or reason to the decision making over what books to read. My best friend and I had recently visited a book store, and after strolling around for a half hour, I left that store with three pictures on my iphone of books that I wanted to remember to pick up from the library. 

One of the books (Penumbra) caught my eye because of an interesting cover. It’s really that simple. I judged the book by it’s cover (amateur move), but when I read the back of the book I realized that there was something interesting and exciting about it. So I snapped the picture. Once I did that, it was like I couldn’t escape that book. It was everywhere and at every book store I frequented, there it was sitting on the “employee recommendation” table. And so it officially became a part of the list. 

“Blood, Bones, and Butter” came as a recommendation from said best friend during that first book store trip. I had previously read a few Anthony Bourdain books and loved hearing about life in the hectic restaurant/food world (especially cause I had never worked in a kitchen but am very fond of restaurants). Also, the lovely guest review on the back cover of the book BY Mr. Bourdain sold me. If he loved it, and I loved his work, then it seemed like a match made in foodie-lit heaven. 

“The Night Circus” simply caught my attention because of the name. Whenever Cirque Du Soleil comes to town, you better believe I am buying tickets. I have always enjoyed the strange, magical qualities of that “circus” and from reading the introduction to “The Night Circus,” I felt the same vibe I get from the Cirque shows. I was sold. 

Every month the books I choose have a reason (may it be a cover that inspired me to pick it up, or an NPR interview), but I am going into them as cold as you. I hope that together we can find many positive qualities in each of the books and truly enjoy the experience of reading them together. 

– Nina

About the NSBCBC

So what the heck is this all about?
The Not-So-Book Club Book Club’s purpose is simple-to encourage reading for fun! Have you ever wanted to join a book club but didn’t feel like you had the time to make it to the meetings, or the books weren’t of any interest to you? The NSBCBC eliminates that. The NSBCBC functions entirely online so you never have to leave your home to participate, and the NSBCBC gives you three options every month. You can choose to read however many of them you’d like and participate via Facebook (, Instagram (hashtag #nsbcbc), Twitter (@notsobookclub), or WordPress (right here!) only if you feel inspired to do so. There is no pressure. Image
Here’s how it works:
Every month, I will post three books to read. You can read however many of them as you’d like. 1 book or all 3, it doesn’t matter because you are choosing to read and that’s great!

If you feel inclined to share any of your thoughts about the books, post on the NSBCBC facebook page, tweet the NSBCBC twitter account, or Instagram your experience using the hashtag #NSBCBC. 

The great thing about reading something along with other people is that we all share in an experience and through that experience, we paint our own pictures of how we see the stories, and we form our own opinions about the stories being told. 

But unlike other book clubs, the Not-So-Book-Club Book Club wants to take the pressure off. Share an opinion or thought about a book if you want to, and if you don’t, then don’t worry, you don’t have to. 

Enjoy reading. Tell your friends. Encourage the sharing of stories. 

Happy reading friends.